Four Person



Adderbury The Bell   X    Also 8 person dance
South Australia  X  
Postman's Knock    X  
Cobb's Horse    X
BadbyCuckoo's Nest      
Black Joker    X  
Broad Cupid       
Beaux of London City    X  
Bampton Banbury Bill      
Simon's Fancy  X   Dance for multiples of four only

Over the Hills      
Fenstanton Flower of Killarney  X    
Barratt's Privateers   X  
Wild Geese X X  
Margaret's Dance   X  
 Lass of Houghton Hill   
Raglan Old Sarah X    
Blue Eyed Stranger X    
Rattling Bog

Smash the Windows X    
1st of May      
Lichfield Vandals
Fieldtown Valentine    
 Step Back   

Balance the Straw X  
Brackley Jockey to the Fair      
Juniper Hill Oyster Girl   X
 Country Gardens 

Although under review, the table above describes the Morris traditions and dances that we currently practice. Stick dances are highlighted, the remainder use handkerchiefs. On occasions when we have limited numbers of team members we have adapted our dances for four people.